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safe1598861 artist:cosmicunicorn264 nightmare moon15996 twilight sparkle285884 alicorn202318 pony868055 unicorn278380 friendship is magic2620 bad end1989 castle of the royal pony sisters702 defeated381 dirty1700 duo51568 duo female8118 ethereal mane6814 eyes closed82632 female1271743 glowing eyes10154 glowing horn17219 injured3134 lightning2890 magic67306 mare431953 night23700 night sky1548 parody15283 prone23769 ruins1127 scene parody855 sky12379 spread wings48945 starry mane3472 stars14017 the bad guy wins111 unconscious453 unicorn twilight13982 window7565 wings83926


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Thought on what could lead to this scene:
The Mane 6 trying to use the Elements of Harmony but NMM's darkness managed to overpower the rainbow laser and defeated the girls. A 1000 years of pain,lonliness, jealousy, anger, sorrow, all that darkness gave NMM the strength to overcome even the magic of friendship to reclaim what she believes is rightfully hers.

Now that would be a interesting what-if I wished could be seen.