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explicit (300013) artist:staggeredline (303) dj pon-3 (27472) octavia melody (21662) vinyl scratch (31567) anal insertion (6639) anal orgasm (2482) cum (68611) dialogue (55157) dildo (12089) female (830009) femdom (6143) half r63 shipping (1559) horsecock (55651) implied sounding (3) male (283128) malesub (3392) nudity (314147) penetration (45128) penis (129617) record scrape (204) rule 63 (24095) scrapetavia (10) scratchtavia (2748) sex toy (21781) shipping (174988) spanking (2327) straight (115729) submissive (11011)


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Background Pony #969C
Why isn't there a tag for a guy having a dildo shoved up his ass? Someone make one please.
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nobody's favorite
Guynyl looks especially Shining Armorish today.

I'm not sure, but I know for damn certain I don't wanna find out.

Maybe he used the wood part, but I don't see how that'd be so great.
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I get the feeling applying bowstrings to a dick would be punishment enough… I mean wouldn't that probably cause cuts or something?