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safe1658813 artist:lulubell1668 derpy hooves49396 pegasus273367 pony922933 :t3698 cute192566 derpabetes2424 diabetes628 featured image846 female1321732 hoof polish434 horses doing horse things1233 letter2995 mare458390 mouth hold16698 nail polish7448 nom2987 simple background377632 sitting60325 smiling235874 solo1033358 transparent background195394 underhoof49917 unshorn fetlocks23707 weapons-grade cute3568


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No, no, no, we're not doing… this again. This was made a feature because March 1 was "Derpy Day." Once you run this site, then you get to decide what gets featured. Until then stop the passive-aggressive horseshit. I'm tired of reading shit like this.
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Why do people care so much if someone dislikes a cute image? Let's just enjoy the cute image and let them have their opinion.
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The courage to jump...
This is why you don't send muffins in the mail.

I can't hold it against her, though, not with that face.