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Uploaded by Background Pony #B8D0
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source needed15318 safe1751496 artist:slitherpon202 bon bon16694 derpy hooves50791 dj pon-329694 lyra heartstrings30104 pinkie pie220292 princess celestia96801 princess luna100816 scootaloo51941 sweetie drops16693 twilight sparkle306286 vinyl scratch29695 pegasus309508 pony1011430 celestia hate71 female1402751 flag4027 flower26727 hat90446 helmet11226 mare502614 moon24113 new lunar republic394 night27376 ponyville6084 s1 luna7409 stars16312 statue2402 tyrant celestia346


not provided yet


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Background Pony #987D

……here we go again for Tyrant Celestia! LUNA SUCK!(her fan base is suck) sorry to say luna suck but i am sick to see all this hate on celestia! the new lunar republic is the WORST thing the brony a create!

Background Pony #F21C

I know, it’s ridiculous Some people see Celestia as the cartoon equivalent to Adolf Hitler, it’s stupid!

Background Pony #4785

Also, should the “new lunar republic” tag be added, or is that only for images that show some sort of official seal/logo/motto of that “organization”?

Background Pony #4785

Paraderpy -> Slitherpon? That’s… a heck of a stylistic evolution. Anyway, deviantArt shows Paraderpy’s account as being deactivated, and Slitherpon’s account doesn’t seem to have anything older than August 2013, so there may not be an “official” source for this image anymore. (And based on Paraderpy’s old works, this is one artist that may deserve the description “Celestia hater”, though I don’t see any evidence of such since his style started changing.)

@Background Pony #45B1
I tried doing a search on the artist name, Lyra, and Scootaloo, and came up empty, so it does look like this one hasn’t been uploaded here before.

Background Pony #D1DD

Yeah I remember this one but the auto-dupe doesn’t appear to show that it’s been previously uploaded here.

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I miss the show so much

Isn’t this old as dirt? I recall seeing this (or something very similar) years ago.