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"The pun has been doubled!"


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Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emily Brickenbrackle III
Sorry to hear about your work, yo. It's a bummer when you have to work a dangerous job in general, then after the fact it's just unacceptable for someone to try such a thing while inebriated or stoned.

Here's hoping things get better for ya. Cheers, yo.

As for baked surprises, I think I'd go for the Taco Bell box first. If my boyfriend came home with that while I was zonked, the first thing I'd do is give him a huge hug xD .

Tennessee Hillbilly
@Joseph Raszagal
I used to smoke cannabis myself, though recently I had to quit because my current job is literally driving me crazy, if I stay here there is a very real chance I will end up hurting or killing somebody. Hopefully wherever I end up is cool with their employees burnin' outside of work, but I know better than to count on it.

But yes, unexpected pizza delivery or if your lover surprises you with a Taco Bell box is probably the best surprise you could have when totally baked.
Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emily Brickenbrackle III
As a stoner IRL, I can 100 percent confirm that this is one of the best surprises ever.

"My dudes! Guess what just showed-the-fuck-up?"

Everyone else in the room: "Pizza!"

"Who the Hell locked me out of the loop on this one?"

Everyone else in the room: "Shut up and pay the man!"
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Consentacles and boobs!
Hmm, to use this over Carlos pone now or not… Of course I should! I wouldn't want to end up on the dark side of the moon, after all.

…or as I refer to her: 'Puncess Luna'.

Puncess Luna: 'If my sister was wearing a hoodie, and making groan-making puns, would she be called Carlostia?'