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suggestive145398 artist:koportable126 rainbow dash236111 shining armor23373 twilight sparkle303002 alicorn228318 pegasus299669 pony986523 unicorn331987 blushing200856 drool25167 female1380635 full metal jacket121 lesbian98048 male379787 mare490556 plot80462 shipping202731 stallion111862 twibutt5649 twidash5326 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124854


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Derpibooru's got a search bar, you said everything I needed to know in your comment!

shining is screwing dash

So there's Shining Armor and Rainbow Dash, two tags there, but that's plenty of images. Now, how many are ones where he's screwing her? Well, there's a tag for that; 'Explicit'! =D

So just typing "Shining Armor, Rainbow Dash, Explicit", gives me a much-reduced series of options while still playing it safe with regards to me not knowing what could be seen in the image (genitalia, other characters, environment, position, etc.). Btw, thanks for describing the pic; made it easier to find. :)
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there's an image where shining is screwing dash and dash is all fucked silly and twi's like 'it's her first time with a stallion' that would be a perfect sequel image to link for this , good luck trying to find it through the vast amounts of pages on this site though :l …..
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It won't be okay
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