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DS:Now can you tell me why you want to come here.breathe  
TX:The reason is simple ,there’s no anypony.  
TXSo Trixie could do what she wants to do.  
DSTurned a supercilious lookThen what does THEGREATANDPOWERFULTRIXIE want?  
TXsaid nothing  
DSErr……I’m sorry Trixie,I shouldn’t have this attitude.  
TX:It doesn’t matter.Trixie just deserve one’s punishment……..  
TXWell,remember the last time I come to ponylive to make trouble?  
DS:Yes,and your amulet.  
TX:I’m almost banish you,but finally I lost.Finally, I give you apologized.  
DS:Yep.You did.Aha,Are you going to give me again an apology?  
TX:Yes…But this time is for the residents and your friends.  
DS:Why didn’t you say anything?!My friends have forgiven you!About The residents,I think They did,too.Don’t worry,residents of ponylive are very friendly.  
DS:Hey,belive me!Give her a hug  
TXThanks,Dusk…….Secretly light horn  
DS:That’s OK.  
TXI have something for you……Dusk.pulled something from behindmade a bouquet appeared magically front to Dusk**  
DS:……W-Wat? O\\O What do you mean?  
TX:The great and powerful Trixie just wants to say something to you.  
DSW-w–well,say it,p-plea-s-se.  
TX:In fact,after stave off Ursa Minor,I’m a bit l-like y-you.But you make me look bad,so I did so outrageous thing.Before Magic Duel,I…….have a secret crush in you all the time.  
TX:But I can’t control myself,and then I got into trouble.From that later I went to other places.sigh  
A moment of silence  
TX:……So…Put the flowers get behindWill you….be Trixie’s especial som….pon…y?  
TX:She wants to hear you say yes.  
DS:With his wings hugs her and kisses her headListen up now,I love you,too.But I hide it better than you,so I won again!  
TX: It’s not fair!!!It was not a fair game!  
DS:SmileYeah it isn’t fair but I can still win you.
The first time I
write so long conversation!Although I have Google half for translation.
Hope you like it.The design of dialogue makes I didn’t review this evening.

safe2196534 artist:yaco331 trixie79999 twilight sparkle360903 g42052450 bad translation9 bouquet1296 dusk shine2766 female1827732 flower40331 half r63 shipping2707 male558978 rule 6333849 ship:trixshine52 ship:twixie5392 shipping257350 story included13257 straight181644 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150698


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Before anyone comments on the spelling errors, the artist used a translator since English is not really his/her native language. The dialogue is still understandable enough.
P.S Twilight winning in a game of love against Trixie is gold.