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"Applejack, I told you before those are for my beauty treatment!"
safe1749253 artist:whitediamonds478 applejack173154 rarity185468 pony1009433 look before you sleep846 alternate hairstyle29057 blushing204427 cucumber368 eating9942 female1400820 food72893 hair curlers300 herbivore1216 lesbian99215 open mouth154015 raised hoof48378 rarijack7174 rarijack daily238 shipping205533 silly7543 silly pony3037


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Applejack slowly starts raising the cucumber slice closer to her mouth…and Rarity's eyes become more focused and angry the closer she gets until….
She plops one on Rarity's eye, then another.
''Oh! Thank you, Applejack, but I didn't mean right now! Just try not to eat them in the future, alright darling?''
Her mouth filled with the rest of the slices, AJ answers, muffled, 'Ohkay…'
Background Pony #E12D
This is funny, Applejack wants a snack item & Rarity wants a beauty treatment item. Our lovable, cute, adorable & sometimes silly odd, but perfect, couple. Brought to you by a wonderful & talented artist, known as White Diamonds.