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explicit465250 artist:stoic5610 princess celestia111854 oc936648 alicorn310216 pony1582881 g42007412 animated124822 bed56814 bedroom eyes81147 belly button108537 blushing269038 canon x oc34704 clitoris40965 dominant pov663 female1781729 foreshortening120 gif48152 hoof fetish2885 hooves25629 looking at you254653 male543293 male pov9619 messy mane10571 missing accessory10105 missionary position6602 nudity505434 offscreen character51305 on back33596 open mouth233222 panting3783 pillow25144 pov19704 sex168658 smiling390114 spread wings92020 straight176711 sweat39863 tongue out144989 underhoof68013 vaginal56460 vaginal secretions52376 vulva186931


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Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

@Background Pony #B6EB  
Celestia, when she cums, always squirts out a flood of fluids. When she climaxes, her voice resembles old phonograph. And if the stallion doesn’t please her, she summons a swarms of locust out of her mouth to eat him.
Background Pony #48C0
As much as I loved this picture, the animated versions all remind me of the pharaoh from courage the cowardly dog. Return the slab, or suffer my curse.
Background Pony #5521
them hooves are made to be liked, can u do an edit of this where he cums at the end please
Background Pony #9BD1
no, he said the another dupe from other user upload, but mod had merge that page to this one, so that page’s comment merge to this one.., they are not talk about this page