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safe1750104 artist:bluse393 sci-twi25218 twilight sparkle306069 equestria girls206953 rainbow rocks18536 background removed1653 clothes475851 feet41553 female1401560 glasses64560 high heels11770 lab coat2250 pencil3773 sandals4474 show accurate17040 signature26904 simple background408982 solo1094133 toes6640 white background102457


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@Background Pony #B299
Honestly, I kinda hope is does end up wearing pants, just to help differentiate her from the other Twilight more, also because logically you'd think pants would be the logical choice for a scientist (as to reduce exposed skin surface), and just because I really just want another character that wears pants besides Celestia, Luna, and Aria.

Oh, THIS is going straight on Shanachan's /mgn/ ASAFP!

Nerdy Twi. Labcoat. Heels. Megane.

…too …many …fetishes …blerg!
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Most of the pictures of science twilight shows her wearing pants and running shoes, but we actually don’t know if she was actually wearing pants or if she was wearing a skirt as the other EG girls.
I guess this "mistery" will be solved when we'll see EG3 XD ;)
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There's nothing fan made that'll convince me EG Twilight does not wear the same exact outfit as FiM Twilight underneath her labcoat. :T
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this should be combined with the pony turned human twilight so the two are standing in front of each other, this twilight with her glare and princess twilight smiling.
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Drama in the comments
@Lawful Girly
Perhaps. But why would she wear specific shoes for confronting people? I don't know. I'm just thinking those shoes aren't the best choice for working in a lab or doing most science related things.