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From one of the coolest fanfic's ever, Hard Reset by Eakin.
grimdark29625 grotesque11356 artist:pixel-prism306 twilight sparkle291865 changeling44182 pony905907 fanfic:hard reset11 baseball bat1036 black dress260 blood23411 clothes436050 death5169 decapitated1690 decapitation395 dress42253 earring19579 fanfic art13717 gore4251 green blood113 hard reset8 home run12 little black dress226 magic69800 severed head1505


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Speaking of Japanese novel,haven't you read or watched the anime re:zero starting life from another world? It has the same elements as All You Need Is Kill/Edge of Tomorrow like a main character having a special time leap ability that can only activating by killing himself? If you don't watch or read it,I highly recommend it to you.Trust me its great. And because of that anime,it kinda reminds me of this fanfic.
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ah cool cool thanks guys for providing all the info i was looking for very concisely in these comments….

so now i have a follow up question to ask , does the fic do this premise justice? as in properly? cause as shown here by yourmoviesucks
the movie compromises a lot on how the scenario should actually work for the sake of plot convenience , but then again this kind of thing is really difficult to keep straight isn't it?…….

Just for those who see this for the first time:
READ the fimfic story: Hard Reset.
Totally worth it.

Maybe not sequels, but the core story is totally good.