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dead source24537 suggestive145496 artist:baekgup334 rarity183628 equestria girls203190 adorasexy9972 bed41596 belly button79500 blushing200989 breasts283472 cute202925 female1381522 midriff19575 nervous5777 on back24673 open mouth149904 sexy30070 solo1078218 solo female181499 sweat26961 undressing5281


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"What's wrong, Rarity?"

"…P-please slow down, darling."
"Oh no.. I-I'm sorry, Rarity. Are you hurt? I didn't mean to push you like that. Now you're gonna be mad at me. I knew I shouldn't have-"

"It's all right, Andy dear. I am most certainly not angry with you and I asked for this just as much as you did. Just give me a moment to rest."
"OK. You want something to…drink? Um,Rarity, why are you…um…loosening up your clothes like that?"

"My apologies, dear. Where are my manners. It's just that after running on that treadmill I needed cool off a touch. Also, could I partake of your shower and washing machine? I would rather not go home in this condition."
"Sure. I'll get you some clothes to wear. Probably should have given you some sweats for our workout session. As well some running shoes, your feet must be dying. Want to soak your feet in some salts and a foot massage after your shower? Sort of an apology for rushing you onto that thing?"

"That would be fantastic! Shall we try again tomorrow? This time I'll bring proper attire and you will bring some patience."
"Of course. It's a date."
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Ok guys.
There is no context to this pic.
I looked up the tweet and all he wrote (in the parenthesizes) was
"Why did I draw this?"
And people are just going crazy over the pic like;
"Yes finally!" or "The expression is so lewd lol" etc.