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Updated version of >>772776 with some of the mistakes fixed and better lighting. And hey, Apple Bloom has the right eyes now! Also with even bigger sweaters/hoodies/ect. That's always a good thing. Can we get more ponies in those? It's like my favorite now.

Anyway, here's my chance to (re)write stuff:

Things had certainly taken a turn for the worse.

What was supposed to be a fun little get-together for the evening was suddenly going to last rather longer than expected. Although the forecast had only called for a light dusting tonight, it had become a full-on blizzard due to a slight bureaucratic error, and the Apples guests were stuck with them. They couldnt send them home of course in this weather, that would practically be murder but both parties were ill-prepared for this.

Apple Bloom certainly wasnt discouraged, however. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo had followed their sisters (adopted and otherwise), and as long as those three were together, nothing could get them down. They didnt mind the storm at all. As far as they were concerned, the party had just gotten an extension! But even so, it was getting late and all things must come to an end.

Alright yall, come on, time ta hit the hay Applejack announced after tracking down the Crusaders, which was met with such a despondent awwww! you'd have thought Hearthswarming had been outlawed. But, they marched upstairs all the same, and all thinking the same thing.

Although she had called for lights out nearly two hours ago, Applejack still heard plenty of chatting, giggling, and squealing from Bloom's room. She was annoyed, but it wasn't as if she had done any different back then. Kids She chuckled.

Morning came, and with it, the end of the the storm. After getting Big Macintosh up with a rap on his door (and met with the same stoic eeyup as always), she went to get her other sibling. The storm was over their chores were not. The road wouldnt clear itself, after all.

Quietly, she opened the bedroom door with a light Apple Family breakfast in hand. The Crusaders were all out cold, making themselves comfortable in their own ways Sweetie liked to think outside the box when it came to pillows, and they had all decided blankets were optional. Sticking the plate close to their newest list of cutie mark ideas (What even was a heretic anyway?), she stuck a little sticky note next to it. She couldnt help make a cheeky little remark about her sisters wardrobe.

Jack closed the door with a little smile. The smell would wake her soon enough. The note would finish the job.
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