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Mawshot commission of Nightmare Moon. c:

In the commissioner's own perfect words, the mare of the night herself seems to be saying…" I have plans that no one will stop me from achieving. Ill make sure of that, if I have to, personally.

Alt source: http://nummynomz.tumblr.com/post/108103414792/


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Oh come on. One of greatest lures about Luna is the ambiguity of her character. She can be anything from cute waifu through obsessive nerd, fierce warrior, emo teen, to almighty goddess, and the image of Nightmare Moon is as inherent to her as any other; censoring it would impoverish her image.
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Ah, yet another amazing piece from NummyNumz! Her maws are still as amazing as ever. The flesh is always excellently done very well.
The only off-putting thing here might be just the part of the helmet that rests on top of her muzzle. It seems to make it look more… bulbous(?) than usual. I still have to give points to her for this angle since it's pretty tough to get to look right!
Again, this is fantastic. ^^

Dat slender strong neck
Dem glistening whites alongside those smooth lips

@Keith Mowz
>Lying down
>Depriving the queen of night her predatory satisfaction she craves
>Not being the foolishly defiant warrior that would foolishly intervene or just eating all the candy right in front of her face

You stink of pleb and cheese.