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suggestive162435 artist:cakewasgood42 rarity196449 spike84626 twilight sparkle322328 alicorn257217 dragon65744 pony1228041 unicorn402949 blushing224685 eyes on the prize5978 female1519515 heart eyes20806 implied erection272 implied foalcon1609 male428742 mare567957 open mouth179631 reacting to nudity161 shipping220318 smiling303343 sparity7398 straight151633 sweat30958 sweatdrop4062 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133641 twisparity85 twispike1778 vulgar22508 wingding eyes27578


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Background Pony #9197
Actually Twi from the way Rarity was talking I think she already knew about it.

My bad-long term memory was on the fritz last evening.  
Not surprised he went there, but I must’ve missed it. Friend of mine who owns some big lizards linked a clip one night for shock value. It worked.

Yeah, ‘indecent exposure’ is markedly less of a thing in places where the horses play dressup to titillate. Speaking of sauroid bits: for a glimpse into the true face of horror, look up one of those Youtube clips where someone’s pet tortoise is airing out their junk for whatever reason. You may never see Tank the same way again.

Um, the dialogue implies that they’ve done it before, but Spike’s dialogue implies he has no frieken idea.
Also, Rarity is a whore. How else would she be able to confirm he has the best dick in Equestria unless she has really gotten around?
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If you can mistake it for a pimple, even a giant one, it can’t be that amazing. Unless it’s ridged for her pleasure or has a vibrating function or something…