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safe1725344 artist:uotapo952 apple bloom50167 applejack171399 big macintosh28527 scootaloo51557 sweetie belle49360 equestria girls202985 season 42757 somepony to watch over me872 adorabloom2872 adorkable3555 applejack's hat7686 barefoot27953 bath2945 bathtub1784 blushing200706 blushing profusely2060 boots22376 bottomless13808 bow29237 bubble bath367 chili con carne3 clothes466584 cloud31287 comic110112 costume27951 cowboy boots1564 cowboy hat16314 cute202624 cutie mark crusaders19157 denim skirt1524 dork3833 eating9780 embarrassed11555 equestria girls interpretation575 eyes closed95479 feet40612 female1379857 food71384 freckles29457 hair bow15933 hat88230 house2319 humiliation2182 laughing8136 legs8641 lip bite11796 looking back58601 loose fitting clothes93 meat1908 microwave99 music2896 music notes3342 one eye closed31511 open mouth149611 oversized clothes327 oversized shirt92 radio556 scene interpretation8710 shirt25469 shoes37550 singing6432 skirt40332 sky14520 smiling253920 socks67364 soles4348 speakers756 spoon1387 stetson5020 stifling laughter87 tree32811 truck819 uotapo is trying to murder us180 wardrobe malfunction5192 window8677 wristband3707


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We Crossdress Harder
The chili con carne is served as curry. I wonder if they serve chili with rice in Japan.

And I'm starting to think she's singing The Devil Went to Georgia.