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Update: New print version uploaded, with cleaned up lines and text.
Original: >>662049
safe1879371 alternate version60885 artist:darkflame75647 princess luna105678 alicorn256765 pony1225273 lunadoodle922 :35318 :>356 :d1444 :o4537 ball4692 beach ball1697 blob2285 blob ponies163 book37276 calendar of lunas34 cuddling9199 cute222873 eye twitch399 eyes closed110908 female1517126 floppy ears60095 flying43687 frown26461 happy35634 huzzah55 looking at you199322 lunabetes3844 lying down27160 mare566664 moon26288 multeity2531 nom3205 open mouth179135 prone28982 self ponidox9071 smiling302635 snuggling6845 spread wings67017 sugarcube210 too many lunas8 too many ponies72 weapons-grade cute4070 wide eyes18212 wings153121


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If you do have too many Lunas, give them away. One free with every order at Sugarcube Corner.
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Too many Lunas is like an FTL spaceship. It’s an interesting concept for fiction writers, but it’s a scientific and practical impossibility.
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It takes a lot to raise the moon  
A pinch of magic and laughter too  
A scoop of subjects to add some spice  
A dash of love to make it nice  
And you’ve got  
Too Many Lunas
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I miss the show so much
Still as adorable as ever. Luna’s expression is priceless.
Imagine an army of cute little bouncy blob Lunas invading Canterlot and swarming everyone (even the guards), they can do nothing but laugh and daww. Like getting “overrun” with kittens and puppies.