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Chicago Style Pizza or New York Style Pizza
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I like the stuff crust varieties, usually the reason I’d buy it. That aside, I’m really not picky with my pizza, as long as the dough isn’t undercooked and it doesn’t have canadian bacon, I’ll usually eat it.
That said, nothing quite beats a really good parlor style pizza.
Revenant Wings
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Not-So-Stoic Royal Guard
compressed piles of sawdust
Yes, but to paraphrase comedian Chris Porter: “yes, they’re not all real, but have you had them? They’re yay||ing delicious. If I knew sawdust tasted like that, I’d be chopping down a tree for nachos every ||yaying day.”
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I’ve never eaten the compressed piles of sawdust and cat hair they call “pizzas”, but I’ve smelled them cooking before and it reminded me of the years I spent living next to a horse pen. I mostly hate their vomitous and intellectually offensive advertising; every time a DiGiorno ad plays, one of Satan’s angels gets its wings.