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“I don’t know what to do with her, Twilight. She latched onto me near the Everfree Forest and followed me home.”  
“You… have no idea what she is?”  
“I was hoping you did, Twi.”  
“It’s not obvious what she is?”  
“Well, she’s half plant, I think. She seems to like those plant food sticks.”  
“You’re a sick motherfucker, Anon.”  
“W-what?! Hey! You shop at that store near the Everfree Forest that’s only open at night and I’M sick?!”  
“I don’t go there! I’ve never gone there! That’s a lie! Who told you that?! Was it Trixie?!”  
“I saw you. News flash: the trenchcoat, fedora, and sunglasses thing only works in movies.”
safe1768228 artist:badumsquish2024 derpibooru exclusive29680 carrot top5588 golden harvest5588 oc721052 oc only470832 oc:firginia11 oc:groot11 earth pony273755 pony1028178 satyr4938 absurd resolution67587 badumsquish is trying to murder us167 badumsquish strikes again119 cute207818 female1417194 fertilizer38 how248 implied bestiality311 implied dendrophilia9 looking at you178283 offspring41337 parent:oc:anon181 parent:oc:generic messy hair anime anon39 parent:timber wolf13 product placement222 puns in the comments110 solo1107168 wat19589


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Are gonna get of those who work at that shop near the everfree? And a picture of anonfucking a female timberwolf in the future
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I dunno, I hadn’t really thought that far. All I ultimately decided on is that if she takes a good enough whack (like trips and falls or something) her legs shatter into sticks. She can pull herself right back together though.
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Young Leosword
Besides the possibility of shapeshifting her legs into a Mario Kart, I’ve also wondered what her lower torso looks like, and I’d like to think it could be designed to look like the end of a plant bulb or edible root. X3
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Huh… A thought has occurred to me: Is similar magic forms her lower half as we’ve seen keep regular Timberwolves together. Does she have any conscious control over it? And if yes, Can she make her lower-half into any form she wants?
Some of what comes to mind is:  
Dr. Arliss Loveless’ Spider-walker wheelchair from Wild Wild West.  
Being able to form more trees around her as a form of armor.  
Just making super long legs in order to reach something high-up.
I desire to know the possibilities!
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Friginia: I’m turning into wood!
Me: {sees her legs as normal} Oh, don’t be making stuff up.
Friginia: You just don’t believe it!
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No offense but all your comment is really saying is “my headcannon > artists headcannon” which frankly seems both pointless and rude
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This same artist made a picture of a slime-based Octavia impregnating a man by forcing him to swallow some of her mass which culminated in the man having a “family” of ten slime-based Octavias with more on the way. “Possible” is pretty low on his list of priorities I think ;-)