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suggestive136964 artist:jargon scott2257 fluttershy207371 pinkie pie211347 human150072 all the stallions tease fluttershy5 belly button74057 breasts265158 bubble berry1553 bubbleshy17 clothes441763 covering3855 cutie mark underwear935 dress42833 embarrassed10918 embarrassed nude exposure2210 embarrassed underwear exposure817 female1320058 half r63 shipping1915 humanized97953 lineart19890 nudity355996 oblivious440 panties48694 rule 6326035 shipping193823 shocked6581 underwear58818


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Background Pony #23B9
‘Sonic Rainboom Pony Rangers’

Rainbow Blitz: (offscreen) “Berry, get over here and help me take these stupid garbage bags to the dumpster!”

Bubble Berry: “Oky doky loky, Blitz!” runs off without closing the door “See you later, Naked!”

Fluttershy: (thinking to herself) “Why doesn’t anyone respect my privacy?”

Starlight Glimmer: walks into the room “Fluttershy, we need to… “ looks at Fluttershy

Fluttershy: blushes and looks at the viewer “Why me?”