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i like to imagine this a an AU where sonata found spike's egg in equestria and raised him as her own and spike was sent to the human world with the sirens

Sunset Shimmer Fan
To be honest, I am loathe to call this "shipping". Not just for the whole interspecies thing (which works with pony/dragon), but also because 1) It doesn't look sexual; it looks like a girl who loves cute things squeeing over a puppy, and 2) The creator never said it was shipping. Just because characters are next to each other does not mean Ship Ahoy, not even in this fandom.

Therefore, I am removing all shipping tags. Feel free to dispute it if you'd like, but I think my reasoning is sound.

I'm really drawing a blank on this crack shipping. Why would Spike be shipped with this idiot? Is it because she's the nicest of the dazzlings/sirens? I don't have a clue on SonataSpike.