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safe1638346 applejack164481 big macintosh27403 granny smith5194 rarity175848 griffon25573 /co/186 4chan6656 4chan screencap2591 censored3663 collage1294 deviantart935 fim crew49 hasbro2180 irl68538 italian366 lauren faust1725 licking19100 m.a. larson593 meta16340 name346 nazi3439 nazi germany134 official7249 photo77186 text54989 tongue out97203 toy21475 twitter3225 word of faust236 word of larson7


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Rainbow Dude
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I agree. "big macintosh" should alias to "big mcintosh". Lauren Faust HERSELF spells it as "McIntosh" all the time, and she created the thing. I think she knows best.
Background Pony #FD96
Trading cards don't override the combined word of Hasbro's toyline and the show's staff (most prominently Faust and Larson).

Good to have the two tags aliased to each other, but shouldn't they be aliased the other way around (since "Big McIntosh" is the correct spelling according to Hasbro, Faust and Larson)?