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suggestive (120128) artist:jargon scott (1936) fluttershy (191239) pinkie pie (196384) human (137260) all the mares tease butterscotch (39) armpits (38705) bikini top (1189) breasts (220301) busty pinkie pie (8926) butterpie (10) butterscotch (1676) erection (9760) female (825840) half r63 shipping (1554) humanized (90873) implied erection (233) male (281981) rule 63 (24023) shipping (174357) straight (115367)


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #F851
I think it's because they want a male perspective, but at the same time, they don't want to bring a male who'd make any hasty advances on them under their own initiative.
Artist -

I've been in Butterscotch's spot before…why is it that the attractive female friend always got to ask the shy guy how she looks in a very revealing outfit/swimsuit ?