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Little Snow Apples

Usually my Saturdays involve FCW, but this time I did things a little different.

Couple apples different. I suppose with these holiday times, last Saturday before Christmas, and all that, I'd go with a winter piece. Of course… a decent sized one, because the Apple Family isn't large enough yet.

Spent too darn much time on the clouds, hah. Oh well.
This was all done in 1 session, as I usually try on Saturdays. Not the longest stream, but better than average.

Still a fairly rough finish, but that's ok. I kinda want to find a balance… balance as usual, wants to be found.

Approx Time: 11,5 hours
Time Lapse: I'm more than 2 months behind with time lapses…
safe1751173 artist:assasinmonkey821 apple bloom50996 applejack173320 big macintosh28839 granny smith5439 winona2546 earth pony266209 pony1011198 barn3298 male388227 scared10768 scenery8240 scenery porn867 snow14135 snowball492 snowball fight316 stallion115809 wallpaper18854


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