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source needed17180 safe1879458 artist:alan moore1 artist:dave gibbons1 artist:ks-slipstream1 apple bloom54506 berry punch6953 berryshine6953 bon bon17375 carrot top5758 cherry berry2295 fluttershy229478 golden harvest5758 lyra heartstrings31309 pinkie pie231262 rainbow dash251212 shoeshine1846 spike84561 sweetie drops17373 tornado bolt450 twilight sparkle322122 human181642 pony1225325 comic118600 crossover66763 crying47967 doctor manhattan17 eye twitch399 grin47960 hat100828 party2042 party hat2785 ponyville6523 rorschach53 smiling302660 watchmen99


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Monde de merde
This picture actually predates Rorschach in Equestria.
I always wondered if Ex-Nihilos got the idea from it (probably not).

I know for a fact that Alan Moore is currently waking up in a fit of frothing rage for a reason he cant explain.
Meanwhile, I’m giggling madly at this.
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Planeswalker — FoME
Dr. Manhattan applied every lesson he learned from humanity when creating life. Especially all the things one should avoid. Then he made the Elements of Harmony as a failsafe. Then, at some point, he went insane and renamed himself Discord.