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safe1691640 artist:emp-bomber11 applejack168683 fluttershy211179 pinkie pie214846 princess celestia94403 princess luna98557 rainbow dash232361 rarity180556 twilight sparkle298343 pony953281 robot7715 robot pony3561 adventuring party56 applejack's hat7039 armor23546 badass3247 body armor137 bodysuit2060 character class18 clothes454236 cowboy hat15483 crossover61698 cyberpunk1548 cyborg ninja9 flutterbot168 gun15814 hacker56 hat85642 helmet10678 mane six31712 mask6616 ninja815 ponies with guns78 power armor1174 science fiction679 soldier1802 spacesuit1118 starcrawlers11 sword11581 weapon30211 who needs trigger fingers53


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Background Pony #C58D
From the Source:

Huzzah! It is finally finished. This was really fun to make, especially when coming up with how to mash the two sides together.

I really wanted to get this done before BronyCon. It was quite the production for me, and I'm really happy for how it turned out. If any of you are in Baltimore for the Con, hope to see you there! Look for Echo Flux or any of my pals Lightning Speed, Turbo Wind, and Polaris.

The background is an actual screenshot from the game. Check the game out here!

Special Edit: I will be making a higher res version fit for desktop wallpapers. Stay tuned!

Individual shots
Celestia the Soldier
Luna the Void Psyker
Twilight the Hacker
Rainbow Dash the Cyber Ninja
Applejack the Engineer
Rarity the Force Psyker
Fluttershy the Prototype
Pinkie Pie the Smuggler
Background Pony #C58D
I really love his work.

I hope he doesn't mind his other pony work being posted on here. He hasn't shown up on Deviantart in a while.