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’‘She broke a nail!’’ ’‘The horror, the horror’’ Faints
suggestive159586 artist:annon2470 blossomforth1477 daisy2693 flower wishes2568 lily2084 lily valley2083 roseluck5429 human180210 abs12660 armpits44348 backbend1702 belly button88720 big breasts95943 bimbo5457 bimbo blossomforth1 bimbo daisy2 bimbo roseluck3 bimboification1436 blonde2237 blonde hair722 blushing221580 bracelet11454 breasts315134 busty blossomforth45 busty daisy30 busty lily valley38 busty roseluck140 choker15183 clothes518325 collar37865 curvy7681 eyebrows11452 eyelashes19018 eyeliner1183 eyes closed108932 eyeshadow19271 feet45363 female1499836 flexible2309 flower29517 flower in hair9064 flower trio601 gloves23084 glowing8421 green eyes5873 green hair584 green lipstick97 hair over one eye10337 high heels13171 huge breasts44679 human coloration5766 humanized105655 impossibly large breasts19000 jewelry79939 large butt21332 lipstick12739 long gloves6972 long hair4976 long nails637 magic80706 makeup26783 midriff20624 multicolored hair7430 nail polish9010 necklace23367 red hair1087 shoes44409 splits502 that pony sure is flexible131 toes7305 trio13207 trio female2816 yellow hair405


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Alright, let me first say that I simply adore your pictures. Bimbofication is definitely one of my buttons, not as much as bondage is, but it’s still there. The tie-ins with the stories make everything at least doubly great.
Having said that: What the heck is with the guys at Canterlot High? Do they not notice anything? Is all the transformation magic floating about affecting their senses into not thinking anything’s wrong when all the girls suddenly turn into busty, slutty, subby bimbos? I mean, I’ve read the little bit of text hinting at their physical changes, but what about their mental faculties?
Also, since you already did the Crusaders, I vote for Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon getting it from behind by a studcake-transformed Snails and Snips.
nightmare Shinigami

I just recently discovered your Pics and damn… those are fucking sexy and I would like to see more once your back
I even got my own Suggestions:
Babs Seed and her Friend from the Equestria Girls Prequel Story
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon
Spitfire and Fleetfoot
Trixie and the Illisions
The Spa Twins
Fleur dis Lee
Background Pony #7623
I’m all for Daring Do next, then maybe Chrysalis and Flufflepuff after that.
Also still kinda want to see Celly & Luna again, as the stories have had them become even more bimbofied since their picture came out, but more for anything just to see what they wear now. I’m sorta odd in that way, liking the clothed versions of these more because I like to see how they dress.
While Annon already explained what the spell did to men, I’m kinda with #6854 here and would like to see maybe one instance of where the magic goes awry ad turns a male student into a bimbo, maybe Big Mac. It could be reasoned away by saying Rarity had tried to make a new batch of perfume, but bungled the mixture and accidentally made a Rule 63 variant, which lands on Big Mac when she tosses it out. Rarity tries to recreate it, but her lowered intelligence has already caused her to forget the recipe she used, allowing this to be a one-off event to please those that want to see a R63 bimbo. I think it’ll keep the bimbo narrative a little more exciting.
Background Pony #686A
@Background Pony #1641  
Personally, if we were going to start including male characters like Soarin, Big Macintosh, Shining Armor, etc, I’d prefer to see them Rule 63’d
It’s obvious that the magic can make the old younger and the young older (as seen by Granny Smith and the CMC respectively). Maybe it can make men into women. That’d be pretty awesome.
That’s where I’d cast my vote on that front.
Background Pony #7C60
suggestion: Spitfire, Fleetfoot and Soarin.  
Dash has given them all enchanted applejuice for training and the new bimbofied girls think doing sport in the nude and getting it by Soarin is good training on the field. Also: so far we only saw girls getting bimbofied. How about hinting on the idea that sex with such a girl also affects boys/men, turning them into studs/jugs with a high libido that don’t give a damn about groping a bimbo in public?

Man, I’m liking your style. It’s almost spot-on.
Please, rest until January where you can start anew.
Any volunteers for Annon’s written anthology?
Background Pony #5665
I do like the idea of the cheerleaders being next. Maybe as a callback Pinkie and Twi can be a part of that. We haven’t seen Twi since the initial picture, and given how Pinkie’s developed I’d be interested to see where Twi is now w/ this.
Background Pony #1782
You know it. Personally hoping for the two pegasi from the Cloudsdale Cheering Squad to give CHS that extra UMPH! Flitter or Cloudchaser would be swell too.
Background Pony #6277
From what I gathered the stories are just something he writes when he has free time. And writing is time consuming.  
I think they’re a great read for what they are and look forward to more whenever there’s time.
Background Pony #99C8
Blossomforth got that@Hypastpist  
It is what it is, and will be what it will be. Sorry you arent satisfied with them, but I am.   Good stuff as always, Annon, I knew you could do Blossomforth justice and Im happy to see her done. Enjoy your break.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

ive read the bimbofication stories and been found wanting, the descriptions are detailed enough, they talk too much of the unimportant stuff
i hope there will be more where the store details the body of the transformation