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safe1749056 artist:uotapo959 sunset shimmer64722 twilight sparkle305942 equestria girls206708 blushing204386 christmas14153 christmas lights1799 clothes475365 cold951 cup6491 cute205522 earmuffs1212 female1400632 gloves20925 holiday20424 hot chocolate1267 jacket13128 messy2220 mug4409 night27328 open mouth153961 scarf23850 shimmerbetes4473 smiling260450 twiabetes12258 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126138 uotapo is trying to murder us181 winter4506 winter outfit1564


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Pomegranates :P
Hard to believe that Twilight started out as a humorless nerd who was more dedicated to her work than anything else.
She now has a playful side, while Sunset in contrast is a little more subtle in tone. She's still rather shy with the friendship thing.
Artist -

Amazing! Also, I love how it looks like they are in Rockefeller Center in front of the famous Christmas tree in Manhattan, New York City.

uotapo is the best Equestria Girls artist out there!!
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Ironically the two characters who would logically have the least idea of what Christmas is.
Being from a radically different dimension and all.