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safe1946111 artist:uotapo1043 angel bunny10608 derpy hooves53653 fluttershy235800 rainbow dash257171 equestria girls230816 :<1317 backpack2350 bandaid2438 barrette426 blushing234710 boots27735 clothes549619 cute232042 cutie mark accessory657 cutie mark hair accessory83 cutie mark on clothes4843 dashabetes10806 day2393 derpabetes3278 digital art25220 dress52863 female1579362 football1804 frown28007 holding hands3343 looking up20243 outdoors15622 patch521 randoseru26 road1034 schoolgirl2061 shirt31689 shoes48245 shorts16871 shy5190 shyabetes16686 skirt47224 smiling323534 sneakers5829 socks80162 uotapo is trying to murder us182 younger19961


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Background Pony #E03C
Bro, there was a girl I knew that I thought I’d marry someday when I was five… but it was not a crush, and I did not know what I was talking about back then. For kids, it’s just innocent “We’re really good friends, so we can be a mom and a dad too someday, right?” That kind of stuff. Children aren’t attracted to one another the way shippers mean, and it’s pretty squicky to think they can be.
Just because you were young and juvenile at the time doesn’t mean others are. I was too extremely naive as a kid, but I just knew that I had a different feeling for girls.
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Background Pony #E8DC
@Background is Best Pony  
I had a crush on a guy in Kindergarten as well.Ya’not the only one here. Eeeyup, ah’ still remember how it was before getting transferred to another Kindergarten.  
I still remember his name: Stephan( or in romanian:Ștefan)
Such ol’ memories, don’t you think? Also, what do you think?  
Background Pony #24DA
@Millennial Dan  
You have no idea what you’re talking about, do you? There is no set “normal” age for kids to start developing attractions to their preferred gender, so your claims of “if you have these feelings before reaching some arbitrary age that I’m going to make up off the top of my head, then there’s something wrong with you” seem totally ridiculous. Just because you didn’t notice girls until you reached college doesn’t mean no one else did before that age.
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Well, at least uotapo’s done with the “ponies falling in love with doll versions of themselves and ignoring their real loved ones” pics.