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safe (1483963) artist:brianblackberry (339) princess celestia (85983) alicorn (175286) pony (762867) bed (32925) bedroom eyes (46629) clothes (375258) cup (4955) drink (3977) drinking (2719) eyeshadow (11339) female (808782) glowing horn (14455) looking at you (128510) magic (60488) mare (365025) socks (51979) solo (912902) sweater (12179)


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Dear Princess Celestia

Today I learned a simple illustration on a web site of a pony relaxing in a sweater and enjoying hot cocoa can beat the crap out of a majority of the porn on that same site.

That's a good thing.
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Twilight's Westley
I do not care if it gets me banished, or thrown in a dungeon, or banished and thrown in a dungeon in the place I am banished to. I am going to glomp her and give her a belly rub.
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I'm just this pone, see?

I'm trying to encourage Brian to do a sketch a day thing. It may not always be pony-related, but I'm hoping he can keep it going. :)
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