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safe1640369 artist:brianblackberry349 princess celestia92345 alicorn211267 pony905911 bed38729 bedroom eyes56229 bottomless12989 clothes436055 cup5937 drink4616 drinking3241 eyeshadow14446 female1306002 glowing horn18259 looking at you156938 magic69800 mare450229 partial nudity19045 socks62260 solo1020729 sweater13905


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Background Pony #5370
Dear Princess Celestia

Today I learned a simple illustration on a web site of a pony relaxing in a sweater and enjoying hot cocoa can beat the crap out of a majority of the porn on that same site.

That's a good thing.
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Twilight's Westley
I do not care if it gets me banished, or thrown in a dungeon, or banished and thrown in a dungeon in the place I am banished to. I am going to glomp her and give her a belly rub.
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I'm just this pone, see?

I'm trying to encourage Brian to do a sketch a day thing. It may not always be pony-related, but I'm hoping he can keep it going. :)