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Drama in the comments
@Background Pony #5C64
Yeah, that does sound kind of boring. While Equestria Academy has been proven not real, I do think it would be cool to have at least some kind of on screen interaction between the Twilight native to the EG-verse and Twilight from Equestria. Maybe play it for laughs.
Background Pony #4685
@Background Human

While it's extremely unlikely, I would like to see an episode where Twilight Sparkle guides her ponified human counterpart around Ponyville. It could potentially provide a good way to lampshade just how different Equestria is from the human world.

Then again, such an episode would make too many of those who disliked EQG upset.
Background Pony #D2EB
For what I think is that there WILL be another Equestria Girls movie and I'm excited!