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Has this been used for any FIMfiction stories? I’m currently writing an adult story which I’ll post over ’Hearth’s Warming,’ and would like to use this as my cover, would that be okay?

Apologies, I notice in the comments this does link to the comic, I hope that I’m not intruding on your intentions for this amazing art by asking.

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nobody's favorite
I'd like to bring up Sunset Shimmer. While others admittedly suffered more, most of them received their punishment while still evil. For Sunset, karma ironically bit her hardest while she was trying to atone for her sins.

And speaking of being buried under past sins, Luna clearly needs to talk to somepony, because the Tantabus is a very troubling sign in terms of her recovery. Maybe she needs a big sister who's there for her instead of moping over her ex-boyfriend.
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nobody's favorite
Celestia, trust me…

After what happened, you don't want to see him again. You don't want to look at what he's become.

I know it hurts, just like your sister did, just like Sunset did, but you have to try to move on. If you don't leave the wound alone, it'll never heal.
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Don't see how I'm whining. But what I state is inevitable, and if you read earlier comments, someone already has. My point is done and achieved
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Incoming whiny teens about a children's cartoon comic. Because nothing is more socially acceptable in this fandom
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Celestia, White called, she said "at least he choose his fate on his own will! YOU WANNA KNOW TRUE PAIN?! IMAGINE HE WAS SEALED INTO A STONE AGAINST HIS WILL AND SEND TO UNKNOWN PARTS!", she was crying while saying this.