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safe1688351 artist:yoksven3 oc673294 oc only442323 oc:phoe58 alicorn221000 pony950055 alicorn oc25986 alicornified5299 armor23510 comic107936 helmet10644 inside joke91 megaman1069 megaman x221 shrug1411 shrugpony310 sigma16 speech bubble22849 thanks m.a. larson197 transformation10589


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Background Pony #CB12
she dont the spell to fixe thing plus she need a helmet for her horn can pass thought! not the same helmet befor be to a alicorn megamare!
Beau Skunky
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I'm kinda pissed they're releasing the Megaman Legacy Collection 2, & Capcom "Disney Afternoon Collection" for every system, but the Nintendo ones… (I'd even be fine with a 3DS version like "Megaman Legacy Collection.")
It's especially odd, considering these are NES, SNES, & Wiiware games. (And I'm not sure 8-bit Disney platformers, and such would appeal to those that grew up with "Halo," and such. No offense, I just see most old-school, or retro gamers are usually Nintendo fans, while most who play Playstation & X-Box prefer newer 3D games.)
Background Pony #72C7
@Beau Skunky
Not exactly. Phoe does speedruns of Megaman X and the inside joke was that she goes alicorn if she beats the game in less then 40 minutes.