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suggestive (120348) artist:shonuff44 (333) rarity (163831) human (137569) big breasts (62136) bread (1146) breast rest (195) breasts (220835) busty rarity (10197) cleavage (28990) clothes (382834) dress (37129) female (828272) food (56135) glasses (50743) huge breasts (28712) humanized (90976) impossibly large breasts (13235) lipstick (8827) sexy (21143) solo (926523) solo female (161436) stupid sexy rarity (762)


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29 comments posted

@Background Pony #7E80
Sometimes depends on how many friends/followers one has to sic upon the goons in question, but not many direct options beyond shutting off anon (where possible) or waiting for 'em to get bored. Such is the underbelly of an unregimented web.

@Background Pony #0ADB
Sadly, nonexistent. There's the report system, but that doesn't really apply to commenters getting creepy about characters in art.

On the other hand, nothing stopping us from visualizing C24F at the center of a minor Carrie White Event. Background-pone pincushion, yo.
Background Pony #F4E4
"@Background Pony #C24F"

Where's the option to downvote a commenter?
Background Pony #8E54
@Background Pony #7E80
Basically, yes! Double points if I pull a Batman Begins and wear an unsettling mask to set off a specific monster hallucination during. Mixed with the aphrodisiac and it'd be an interesting reaction.

The grape juice is simply grape juice. :)
Background Pony #8E54
"We've replaced Rarity's wine with red food coloring, aphrodisiac, rohypnol, salvia, and grape juice! Let's see if she notices. >:)"
Background Pony #F465
Damn, lady, are you a Gothic cathedral? Because those tits look grotesque.

Oh yeah, this restaurants the breast, BEST! Um, so! How's their boob, FOOD! Arg, sorry I get really nervous around lovely women and I'm trying not to blurt out something stupid like my desire to motor boat you… * Head desk * Check please.
Background Pony #F4E4
I realize the exposed portion of her tracts of land covers more area than most ladies' entirety; I don't think that's enough to qualify for the nudity tag. I have a feeling she has to actually be nude.