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safe1688667 artist:khuzang300 artist:poison--hearts15 part of a set11657 derpy hooves49871 twilight sparkle298246 alicorn221086 pegasus284976 pony950384 adorkable3520 animated97680 armor23514 athena sparkle214 badass3241 boots21410 clothes453039 cosplay27515 costume27112 cute197226 dork3789 duo59577 eyes closed91411 female1346677 frown22589 gif30473 glowing horn19258 gray background6996 grin37600 halloween8182 high heel boots5359 i can't believe it's not hasbro studios177 magic72340 mare472275 mouth hold17221 muffin6383 oops489 power sword85 she-ra79 shoes35611 simple background387383 smiling243297 spread wings53710 sword11561 telekinesis27272 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122879 warrior twilight sparkle45 wide eyes16901 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2341


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Background Pony #7BBA
Twilight: I am Super Sorry Derpy! here let me fixe your name with my magic and buy you a new muffin!
Derpy: thanks!….is me who are not be careful!
Twilight: we both lucky is not go worst!
Background Pony #36AC
i want to see one pic this she-mare twilight! but with no derpy! and one she pay a other muffin for derpy for excuse!
Background Pony #36AC
derpy you learn to look were you goin and never get close somepony with a sword!
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Putting a hooved pony in high heels makes me go 'wat' just a little bit, but the animation is smooth, cute, and funny. That more than makes up for it.