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suggestive142989 artist:ss2sonic400 princess celestia95017 princess luna99140 anthro260220 armpits42935 belly button77891 big breasts82073 blushing197649 breasts277703 broom1712 busty princess celestia10230 busty princess luna6928 censored3825 choker12030 female1363135 flying38157 flying broomstick731 full moon3434 halloween8197 hat86866 holiday20139 huge breasts38304 jack-o-lantern2318 looking at you168662 moon23459 night26352 nudity370007 one eye closed30733 pasties1812 pumpkin4225 shocked6976 sitting63241 spread wings54722 stars15613 tongue out103957 wide eyes17044 wings107404 wink24744 witch2372 witch hat3023


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Background Pony #7125
I'll admit this doesn't leave much to the imagination but come on man show me the tits
Background Pony #BD82
And Luna was going full homo on Celestia. The end.

She looks more like "Put some clothes on!" or "Stop stealing my thunder!". She is clearly annoyed