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safe1922195 artist:whitediamonds490 apple bloom55281 applejack184889 rarity199453 scootaloo54620 sweetie belle52496 earth pony339682 pony1269593 unicorn421620 abstract background19872 adorabloom3400 apple18551 apple carving4 bow35934 cute228814 cutealoo3340 cutie mark crusaders20511 diasweetes3293 female1557104 filly81067 hair bow20106 halloween10053 heart58442 holiday25709 jack-o-lantern2804 jackabetes6964 lesbian106640 levitation13854 magic83874 mare589629 messy2426 pumpkin5176 pumpkin carving105 raribetes6205 rarijack7639 rarijack daily237 shipping224988 table10839 that pony sure does love apples835 tumblr35298


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
=smooshes a pumpkin pie on yer face= :P
I just noticed the “Adorabloom” tag for adorable l’il Apple Bloom, but how come no similar tags for Scoots and Sweetie?
Call for an Adorabelle tag, and perhaps, hmm….Adoraloo? xD =adds them both=