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safe1765963 artist:whitediamonds478 apple bloom51465 applejack174456 rarity186854 scootaloo52125 sweetie belle49946 earth pony272710 pony1025881 unicorn348871 abstract background16481 adorabloom2967 apple16938 bow30354 cute207522 cutealoo2966 cutie mark crusaders19404 diasweetes3001 female1415249 filly70626 hair bow16567 halloween8643 heart50622 holiday20823 jack-o-lantern2433 jackabetes6310 lesbian99933 levitation12730 magic76156 mare509168 messy2237 pumpkin4507 pumpkin carving91 raribetes5673 rarijack7211 rarijack daily238 shipping207271 table9601 that pony sure does love apples793 tumblr35017


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
=smooshes a pumpkin pie on yer face= :P
I just noticed the “Adorabloom” tag for adorable l’il Apple Bloom, but how come no similar tags for Scoots and Sweetie?
Call for an Adorabelle tag, and perhaps, hmm….Adoraloo? xD =adds them both=