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higher res of >>400086 (merged)
Looks like Rover decided to deal with the troublesome Rarity a different way this time. The unicorn seems even less pleased about this development but thankfully her complaints aren’t as loud anymore! A few burps and they’ll stop completely.
All in all she wasn’t the worst pony. She did find some gems, tasted well enough, and even came with her own seating! From the echoes down the tunnels it even sounds like the second, third, and even more courses are on the way. Talk about an all inclusive meal!


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Background Pony #9757
The thing is though…i perfectly agree with the dog. I dont care if its exhagerated, its still fucking stupid. So you lose good sir, but you put up a fair fight.

Uhhh….How is the Diamond Dog still in one piece? Rarity isn’t exactly the kind of pony who’d just stand there and let this happen. She’d kick his flank.
(Also vore is stupid. Apparently people like getting eaten. That’s the dumbest idea in the universe.)