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safe1556173 edit114694 edited screencap54037 screencap195292 sonata dusk12483 sunset shimmer56699 equestria girls177541 rainbow rocks17390 animated91052 bopping shimmer17 bopping sonata9 cute173393 daaaaaaaaaaaw3042 diabetes592 female880447 headbob390 hnnng2238 lesbian91320 shimmerbetes3864 shipping181585 sonatabetes990 sunata218 weapons-grade cute3113


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Computer geek
Is it just me,
Or does anyone remember Mega Man 7?
Because, DANG!
The Cloud Man Stage theme fits well with this!
Background Pony #9AAA
'Listens to a song' "You want the best tricks I suggest you prof-it"
If anyone gets that reference you're amazing.
Background Pony #2797
It's cute, but the editing could stand to be a lot cleaner around the edges.