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"You know darling the more you drink the better it gets..!"
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nobody's favorite
So I have to stop pretending to be oblivious now?

Yeah, I'm aware that this is Rarijack Daily. :P

(That said, I can easily see them in the kind of relationship that turns into a cycle of repeatedly breaking up and making up, if someone doing a fanfic wanted to write them like that.)
Background Pony #4375
I just want to watch everything burn!
Nah, I don't care what anyone tags this really. It could be tagged grimdark and it would be no skin off my back. I'm just saying that one could argue that this promotes Rarimac as much as it does Rarijack. All in the name of fairness of course.
Background Pony #4375
@Background Pony #B930
It's suggesting Rarimac about as much as it is suggesting Rarijack. I say either remove the lesbian and shipping tags, or add the Rarimac and straight tags. Only fair.