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safe1750890 screencap227464 adagio dazzle13265 applejack173306 aqua blossom607 aria blaze10026 crimson napalm270 fluttershy217278 normal norman911 photo finish2677 pinkie pie220242 princess celestia96771 princess luna100796 principal celestia3606 rainbow dash238604 rarity185612 scott green428 scribble dee547 sonata dusk13822 twilight sparkle306209 vice principal luna2586 violet blurr383 equestria girls207178 rainbow rocks18536 background human6310 clothes476180 cutie mark49711 cutie mark accessory521 cutie mark on clothes3206 mane six32569 the dazzlings4467 the rainbooms330 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126204


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