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safe1676329 artist:chokico61 coco pommel5869 earth pony237790 anthro253667 abstract background14042 belly button75543 belly dancer870 choker11470 clothes448843 cocobetes658 cute195315 fan809 featured image865 female1336218 looking at you163138 midriff19037 open mouth140109 skirt38828 smiling240374 solo1043766


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Background Pony #99D7
that's likely because compared to quadruped ponies and humanized, a far higher percentage (the majority, in fact) of anthro art of db is explicit
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Princess of Science
The eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour: not just Remembrance Day but also my mother's and uncle's birthdays. I nominated this image.
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I <3 batponies
any comment i could type would be redundant as everything that needs to be said has been said.

except you background ponies, you are wrong. or maybe im wrong.
Background Pony #1560
That tongue looks weird here. Like she's laughing at the viewer or doing hurrr silly horse face.