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One on the left seems to say:
Two Worried Girls  
“AJ, you don’t look too good.”  
“My popularity has been steadily dropping”…and I can’t read the rest. :(
On the right:  
“AJ, why are you sad?”  
“They treated me like a boy. All the others are obviously young women.”  
“Mmhmm, I’m also always treated like a boy, even as a girl. I understand you.”  
“Yeah, yeah, you boys…wait! You’re a girl?”  
“I didn’t mean it…What I meant, was, you look like a guy., no, I mean, I couldn’t figure out…Sorry…I was wrong.”
Sorry, my Chinese skills are still rusty.
Relight Charge

@Background Pony #CCCF  
Actually, that’s another part of at least Shizuha’s job anyways. From the wiki:
“Surprisingly, she doesn’t use supernatural powers to turn the leaves red. Instead she “paints” them by hand, which is why the colors of the leaves are inconsistent. Fallen leaves are another part of her work. Instead of dropping leaves moderately, she simply kicks on the trees and scatters them roughly.”
Background Pony #E53E
How would the Aki sisters feel about the falling of the leaves I wonder? I mean, I think they’d question the fact that the ponies stomp down the pretty orange leaves they made.
Background Pony #5EC0
AJ complain new fans think she is a boy, and wriggle nightbug agree AJ, and then , AJ thought wriggle nightbug is a boy , so AJ said many sorry.
AJ complains this 4 koma series finally draw her in page 9, and Touhou background sisters cry with background pony AJ
Speaking Fancy - For help with translations
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

The Chinese characters in the 3rd panel for the Aki sisters comic look like the kanji for “unpopularity”, so I figure they’re bonding over their alleged unpopularity. The Aki sisters’ unpopularity was a running joke for a while (though they seem less so now).