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safe1575749 artist:zutheskunk187 coco pommel5473 suri polomare1121 earth pony199083 pony845884 absurd resolution63960 boop6855 cocobetes593 comic101477 cute177412 duo49401 duo female7629 eye contact6161 eyes closed80220 female899476 floppy ears46639 frown21647 glare8032 nose wrinkle2827 raised hoof39295 revenge752 scrunchy face6822 smiling215019 smirk10929 smug5098 suribetes31


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15 comments posted

"…K, that's enough revenge for me."

"That's all?! If it were me I would have strung you limb from — "

"And that's why I'm best pony and you're worst."