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safe (1505100) artist:rainbowscreen (422) applejack (153896) cheese sandwich (3465) fancypants (1711) flash sentry (11589) fluttershy (191547) pinkie pie (196766) rarity (163921) twilight sparkle (272832) alicorn (180000) ask the gaylord (41) :v (66) applejack (male) (1000) bubble berry (1426) butterscotch (1677) cheesepie (1094) dusk shine (2135) elusive (1131) elusiveskirt (3) fancy skirt (27) female (829301) flare warden (219) flashlight (2487) grammar error (1579) grilled cheese (r63) (45) grilledberry (7) male (282920) prince dusk (329) raripants (264) rule 63 (24092) shipping (174909) straight (115680) text (45079) that pony sure does love apples (723) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (109281)


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14 comments posted
Prometheus labs CEO
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Blitz: I saw AJ make out with and apple once, I swear to god I even heard him whisper " let's get ya outta that skin". I think he's spent too much time in the fields
Butterscotch: uuuuhhhh
Background Pony #A9E2
It looks pretty bad to me, but I tend to be a stickler for proper English.

"Dusk Shine has a crush on one of his guards. I guess her name is Gleam Scout. Bubble Berry is dating a crazy mare named Cheese Toastie. She is really like him. We all think that Applejack is only attracted to apples, and Elusive has a crush on Fancy Skirt."