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Everyone is the human world has PALE skin, no matter how deep their colors are in the pony world. Thunderlane in the human world would be about slightly darker shade of gray than his brother.
Background Pony #B897
Yes, but I was really referring to the mane 6 here, who are most often done anyway.  
It’s not a good idea to just copy the skin tones from the pony versions, they are different in EQG.  
Luna, Mac, and Celestia are different enough that no one really forgets the right colors anyway.
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Well Celestia’s already light, Luna is quite a bit lighter by a large margin to her fur color, and Mac has normal skin since real light red would probably look bad on him.
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Human versions and pony versions DON’T share the same skin tone…
It’s slightly ligher on the humans..
Always has been, always will be.