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Pegasus Apologist
This is the pic that turned me into a degenerate clopper.

When I first became a brony I was super anti-clop; I didn't like it and thought it would be bad for the fandom. But someone on a forum I used had a crop of Dash's face in this picture as their avatar. I saw it every day, and as I was quickly falling in love with her on the show, the wince and the blush and the drool started to make me feel things, and I decided to look for the rest of the image. Haven't jerked it to a human since! lmao jk
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Bro this ain't just the first p*rn pic on derpibooru, it's also the best one if we look at what abominations people create these days
Since the Beginning  -

Ahh man, all the rage and drama today made me think back to when this first started.

Now I kinda wish I didn't upload this as an anon. Would be the proud uploader of the pic with the only "first porn pic on derpibooru" tag. Now there's no way to prove I was the one who did it. heh.

Edit: HOLD YOUR HORSES. I uploaded this anonymously, but it does actually show up in my upload list. Hell yeah. :D

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That's fair, but I know for a fact that at least "human vagina on pony" exists and you can't tell me it doesn't mean what I think it does.
Oh but I just realised you've already added it, cool!
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Wait does it look anatomically incorrect to anyone else? This really, really doesn't look like a horse vagina to me, but apparently 8 years of users haven't seen fit to add either anatomically incorrect or human vagina on pony so I'm hesitant to just add it on my own, in case my eyes are tricking me or something.