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safe1658568 artist:jowybean850 smarty pants1470 twilight sparkle294153 pony922743 unicorn303930 airship919 bed39341 canterlot5538 city4054 cityscape615 featured image846 female1321538 filly63971 filly twilight sparkle2654 mountain4858 night25222 prone24717 scenery7784 scenery porn808 skyline167 solo1033188 watching1136 window8123


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This… Remind me an old house, What I see was unknown to me. only silence. I can see my myself some old dusty mirror and walk alone in some weird or fantasy place.

It's like… a war happens before.

I love how Canterlot is represented here. To me, it helps add to the idea of just how large the outside world is to filly Twilight. Anyway, it's a beautiful picture and I'm glad I found it.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Bartomeu dimitit
Ah, I got it right the first time around XD This castle is quite sketchy if we compare it to Miura's general style. I'll have to check my collection.

Twily really looks like Griffith here.