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My fun trip to 4chan
source needed (12711) semi-grimdark (26556) artist:ralek (1225) oc (572466) oc only (392855) oc:anon (11093) oc:sapphire sights (401) human (139359) pegasus (220892) pony (796030) /mlp/ (8796) 4chan (5970) abuse (6004) animated (89156) anonymous (686) art (510) beaten up (191) blood (21452) bruised (1330) comic (97186) confused (3762) crying (38199) d: (386) female (845617) floppy ears (44709) frown (20867) gritted teeth (9832) injured (2944) kicking (1732) mare (386441) multeity (1825) nosebleed (2067) open mouth (115780) prone (22116) sad (21926) spread wings (45324) stomping (551) talking (3788) wings (65222)


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This is not a chan, and this is not a forum. This is derpibooru: image archive. Deal with it. Don't try to bring "do not necropost" bullshit to here, those are comments. You can comment regardless of calendar.
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Just for clarification, I was that BP #6AB7. I posted anonymously because I didn't want 4chan people to see my account, but I forgot to tick the box that time. I hardly think it matters now, though.