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safe1725785 artist:captainpudgemuffin668 applejack171449 fluttershy214740 pinkie pie218079 rainbow dash236074 rarity183523 twilight sparkle302965 cat pony501 earth pony256127 pegasus299461 pony986066 unicorn331783 :o3819 butt pillow163 captainpudgemuffin is trying to murder us57 cuddle puddle304 cuddling8469 cute202692 cuteness overload189 cutie mark48413 daaaaaaaaaaaw4504 dashabetes9501 diapinkes10158 eyes closed95505 female1380216 floppy ears53153 hnnng2464 horn70534 jackabetes6138 looking at you171899 mane six32225 mare490322 on side6758 pillow18222 pony pile746 precious105 prone25904 pure19 raribetes5544 shadow4193 shyabetes14167 sleeping23690 smiling254020 snuggling6560 sweet dreams fuel1612 twiabetes12106 wink25166


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Looks like there's room for one more… if you're a compact dragon who likes white, gem-covered pillows.

Can just imagine Dash smirking a little wider, casting a lazy eye to Rarity's spare flank, then looking back to Spike…
Unkle Soup

I've seen some pretty brainless drama in comment sections, but the fact that somebody actually downvoted this pic is the most incomprehensibly illogical thing I've seen on this site so far.